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Ottawa’s tailor for both men & women. We turn body measurements into perfectly fitting garments that feel like a second skin - understanding your needs, your style, and fit is paramount to this process. Working with the finest quality Italian, British & Australian fabrics, including Vitale Barberis and Holland & Sherry. No glue or synthetic is used in our construction enabling us to produce an exceptional hand finished suit to be worn for years to come.

Our goal is to create the perfect balance between comfort and style by combining traditional tailoring techniques with a modern approach. All of our garments are hand tailored in-house. Step into our world and experience something that is truly yours.

Meet & Measure up

This isn’t your typical suit buying experience. We’re going to help you find the right fabric, details, fit for your body type and more importantly, your personality. All without the high-pressure sales experience that’s far too common in our industry. It all starts by booking an appointment below. 

First & Second Fitting

The first & second fitting stages allow us to achieve a perfect fit. During these stages the suits are in a "skeleton baste", where they are partially complete. If there are any small adjustments to be made, we'll take note with chalk and/or pins to ensure that perfect fit.

Final Fitting & Pickup

Once the suit is ready, we arrange for a final fitting to make sure you're happy with the fit before you take your finished suit away. This handover can be done in-store in or at a place and time that suits your schedule. Your measurements will remain on file, making your next order a breeze!