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Alright, you've booked your appointment: now what? Come on in, pull up a seat. We'll pour you something to drink, and get to work designing your new piece. Be it made-to-measure, or semi-bespoke, you'll pick all the details, and then we'll measure you up for your perfect fit. For payment, we take a half deposit when you place your order, and you can pay us the balance when you pick up at the end of the process!

You've heard the term from basically everyone who sells suits, but what does made-to-measure actually mean? Long story short: you get to pick the fun details such as fabric, style, and lining, and we handle the fitting. We have specific models that we've crafted to use as a base when fitting you. We'll try on some garments to get close, and then note any adjustments that need to be made to give you the perfect fit. From there, it's off to our Montreal-based factory to produce your garment. Production usually takes between six and eight weeks, and once we have the completed garment in hand, we'll call you in for a final fitting. Here, we'll check that everything fits perfectly, and if any slight adjustments are needed, we'll take care of them in our in-house workshop.

Having a semi-bespoke suit made is like having a second skin, tailored just for you. Here, we start from scratch, meaning the only limit on what we can create, is what you can dream. We start off with your consultation, where we will design and fit you for your garment. Next, we get to work: all of our semi-bespoke garments are crafted in-house by our own tailors. We create what is known as a basted fitting for you to try on. A basted fitting is used to verify the measurements that we took, and to check that everything is perfect with the pattern we have crafted for you. Sometimes, if we have a particular area that is difficult to fit, we may do two or three basted fittings, to really nail down the smallest of details. Finally, when your garment is completed, we'll have you come in for one final try-on, just to make sure every last stitch is perfect! The whole process will take anywhere from ten to fourteen weeks.

Throughout both processes, we make notes of any adjustments made and update your file accordingly; making your next order a breeze. We are proud to use all-natural fabrics, and no synthetics in the production of our garments. What this means for you, is you'll be left with a garment that will take care of you, if you take care of it. For wear, we recommend rotation, and giving your garments at least a day's rest between wears. To remove any dirt, you can brush the fabric with a horsehair brush, or spot clean with a damp rag. If you must dry-clean your garment, we recommend Market Cleaners, and Peloso Cleaners. Keep in mind that your garment should be dry-cleaned as sparsely as possible; there is no need to clean it after every wear. Should you have any questions about care for your garment, please don't hesitate to contact us.