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A mother's kilt, turned into a son's vest.

A mother's kilt, turned into a son's vest.

A piece of clothing with deep sentimental value is something we cherish, but when we can turn it into a wearable piece in our closet, it becomes a living memory.

Hugh brought us his mother’s kilt that had been sitting in his closet for years.  Though he wasn’t able to wear it, he was deeply attached to the piece and held onto it to preserve the memories associated with it. Hating to see it sit in his closet collecting dust, Hugh toyed around with many ideas. Thoughts of having it resized, or giving it away and then the most brilliant idea struck him, to turn it into a vest that he could enjoy himself.  The team here at Stephano’s loved the idea and couldn’t wait to get started on the piece.

Many of us have our own sentimental pieces from loved ones and aren’t sure what to do with them.  We want you to know you have options: resizing, remodeling or completely reconstructing a new piece are some of the options we offer at Stephano’s.


Ramy K.