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Ambience set right

Ambience set right

What sets a mood, an ambience? It’s a combination of colour, layout, lighting, and personality.

But not each separately, on its own.

It’s the perfect combination, mélange if you will. You have the basic ingredients, but it’s the seasoned chef who creates something worthwhile with the components at hand. Third Son is a prime example of ambience set right. Like the chef who creates something magnificent with basic ingredients.

The second you walk in you notice two full walls of windows. During the day, the warmth of the natural light hits perfect, showcasing the beautiful lettering done by Pascale Arpin. It’s a warm, sophisticated, and inviting space, with classic, timeless tones of blues, greys, greens, browns, and then some. Textures of wool, tweed, and linen. Suits, bolts of fabrics, and swatch books make up the fine background against which you experience this setting.

The sitting area is set with two forest green button tufted leather chairs and a coffee table with carefully selected books, and probably every edition of The Rake. Across, you see Miles Davis and Ralph Lauren framed. Inspiration.

In the corner, right by the window, you see where the tailor sits, a well-loved oak desk with a measuring tape or two lying around. Just to the side, a solid wood fitting mirror – the centrepiece, really. A bold statement yet a simple and intentional piece.

For character, the space is accented by pothos plants, retro road bikes, vintage film cameras, and a glass cabinet housing some beautiful varieties of scotch - for nostalgia and enjoyment.

By night, Third Son turns into a mood, to say the least. A relaxing speakeasy type setting - maybe out of New York City. Drawing out that inviting and warm charm, the ambience puts you at ease, immediately. Comfort.

And finally, the perfecting ingredient is the Tailor, himself.


He’s the creator, and this space is an embodiment of his personality and eloquent taste.

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